Iqama, Baladiyah & Driving License

Iqama, Baladiyah & Driving License

خدمات الإقامة البديلة، ورخصة القيادة الطبية

24 Hours Observation

24 Hours Observation

مُلاحظة 24 ساعة

24/7 Emergency Available

24/7 Emergency Available

طوارئ 24 ساعة

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قم بالاتصال على رقم الدعم المُتاح على مدار 24 ساعة 7 أيام أسبوعياً

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Shifa Jeddah Polyclinic

Leading multi-specialty healthcare provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2006. Over the years Shifa Jeddah Polyclinic has been a trusted name in quality healthcare services in Jeddah, the commercial hub of the land of two holy mosques.

We possess an eminent panel of highly experienced and well skilled doctors coupled with highly sophisticated infrastructure with all specialties and facilities. Over the years Shifa Jeddah Polyclinic has earned the reputation as a consistent center for health care which providing a good quality services at affordable cost.

Why Choose
Shifa Jeddah?

Shifa Jeddah consist of different department such as Internal Medicine, OBS & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, E N T, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, General Medicine, Dental, Radiology and Pathology. We are providing a 24 Hours Emergency Medical, observation and laboratory services.

Pharmacy Pharmacy


24 Hours Laboratory 24 Hours Laboratory

24 Hours Laboratory

Insurance Coverage Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

24 Hours Observation 24 Hours Observation

24 Hours Observation

Tele Medication Tele Medication

Tele Medication

Immunization Immunization


Antenatal Care Antenatal Care

Antenatal Care

24 Hours Emergency 24 Hours Emergency

24 Hours Emergency


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    Shifa Jeddah Polyclinic is the best place to work for people with talent and diligence. At Shifa Jeddah, you can experience the warmth of love and care flowing endlessly. Besides, here you will discover a new path to excellence and career growth.

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