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Information on PCR Test

What is PCR Test?

This test is generally used in medical and biological research. However, it has recently been used to fight with Covid. It is a virus diagnostic test and it shows the RNA of Covid. Polymerase Chain Reaction can be practically applied to our patients by our hospital.

How is it diagnosis the virus?

This test exposes the RNA of the virus.

Which diseases can be detected with PCR test?

This test is not just about the virus currently plaguing the world. This test is also used to diagnose many parasites, viruses, microbes and bacteria. Any creatures that have RNA can be detected with this test. At the same time, this test is used for genetic problems. Paternity testing is another area where it is used. It is very important for early diagnosis.

How is this test done?

A sample is taken from the nose or throat with the help of a thin stick. The samples are taken to the laboratory and tested by our laboratory experts.

What are advantages of PCR?

With this test, people who are infected are identified and isolated. In this way, the virus outbreak can be brought under control. Laboratory results can be obtained in a very short time.

Is PCR Test reliable?

This test is an extremely reliable method. At the same time, this test allows the detection of virus carriers that do not show symptoms of disease. This is a very important finding in terms of public health.

Where can I get this test done?

You can get PCR test done in Shifa Jeddah Polyclinic with reasonable fees.

When can I get the test results?

You can get the test results within 12 to 24 hours* from Shifa Jeddah Polyclinic.